Trauma is a violation of the internal and the external of a person causing a deep intrusion into the heart, where the physical, emotional, and psychological experiences can severely impact a person’s mind.

Some Examples;

  • A serious injury to the body – physical violence or an accident.
  • Through severe emotional or mental distress – lived experience.
  • Through an experience that causes severe anxiety or emotional distress – rape or combat.
Damages Trauma can cause

Freud’s Developmental Theory

  • Imposed threat due to a balance of power or physical experience, leading to a fear response.
  • Deep anxiety about death, together with passiveness, hopelessness, and despair of not being able to get out.
  • Overwhelming anxiety.
  • Fight, Flight, or Freeze response within a person to protect one’s self-being impaired.
  • The collapse of the defensive structure of the mind.

Different categories to help understand trauma

  1. Personality breakdown – an absolute collapse of the symbolic functioning of the memory modulation. The inability to recognize whether something is in the past or the present moment.
  2. Interpersonal – the ability to identify with the aggressor. Understanding that the emotion of hate experience doesn’t just exist on the basis of why you had to endure and live this experience but also why the “object” caused you this pain?
  3. Somatic Disturbance – acknowledging where in your body trauma lives, therefore having the self-awareness of where your trauma lives within your body can enable your body to speak for you.

Nothing ever resides in the body without the body first welcoming it – so in order to set it Free your body must be willing to set it Free

In order to overcome trauma, it is necessary to reclaim back what has been lost. “The capacity to be loved and to love” This can only be achieved once you have had the opportunity to grieve and be willing to make the decision to forgive and let go.

Impact of Trauma on Relationships

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