Professional Counselling Supervision

Aazade is a trained Professional clinical supervisor providing both individual and group supervision to Counsellors.

Aazade offers 1:1 individual supervision to supervisees for 60 minutes, face-to-face or remotely. All group supervision is offered remotely for 90 minutes with a maximum of 5:1 per group.

Professional supervision for counsellors is a crucial aspect of their practice, providing valuable support, guidance, and reflection to enhance their professional development and client care. Supervision is a formal, ongoing process where a qualified and experienced supervisor meets regularly with a counselor to review their work, discuss cases, explore challenges, and provide constructive feedback.

Sessions are generally structured to ensure ethical guidelines and counselling scope of practices are adhered to in the following ways providing a safe space where you receive support and guidance, reflective, skill development, ethical decision making, emotional well-being, accountability, continued learning, confidentiality, and formative evaluation in your individual and professional journey.

If you wish to schedule a time for individual supervision, please click on the Book Now button to make your booking or alternatively send an email to arrange a time to further discuss.