Overcome your fears by exposing them

Don’t let your fears limit your life, rather overcome your fears by understanding the root of their creation in a safe way towards exposing them.

From the point of conception in a mother’s womb to the very first breath you take at the point of birth the journey to life begins; with exposure to various experiences, lessons, and greater understandings through each phase of living.

At times these events may be comforting and nurturing, yet at times, they may be fear-based and confusing!

As a child you learn to rely on the 5 senses, knowing that these senses provide you with information about your environment/s to live safe and effectively.

  1. Sight
  2. Sound
  3. Smell
  4. Taste
  5. Touch

It is through these senses that we as living beings learn to formulate our responses and understand between what is good and what is bad.

A child heavily relies on basic & social needs as its foundation, provided through the internal and external environmental factors.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Consistent lack of the first 2 fundamental basic needs “Physiological” & “Safety” can impact one’s sense of “Belonging”, which can also alter one’s view of self “Esteem” creating a false self-image & confidence, thus a misguided knowledge of one’s true potential and capabilities “self-actualization”.

How does this relate to fear, worry & anxiety?

Where there is a lack of foundational basic & social needs in the cycle of life in the key developmental stages, in order to feel safe, protected, and secure various events and experiences can cause or lead to a fear-based emotional & physical response.

As a result, a person can create within the self, protecting barriers to fill the void of the need to feel safe, loved, and accepted.

some examples of negative beliefs;

  • In order to feel safe, I need to always be in control…
  • In order to feel accepted, I must prove to others that I am worthy of their acceptance….
  • In order to feel love, I must do what pleases others…
  • In order to feel love, I must live up to others’ expectations of me….
  • If I fail, I will be rejected, I will not be loved, I will not be accepted…

above constant limiting self-beliefs of oneself can lead to fear-based responses, always living in a state of fear can cause one to operate out of constant worry and stress and furthermore lead to anxiety and panic attacks.

Creating cognitive disarray of believing that unless “I have full control of the event or experience I cannot take part or be part of it” is not rational thinking.

“Master your fears by understanding the root cause”

– Aazade –

Is there a way forward?

Absolutely, the first step to change is realization!

First, acknowledge that It’s natural to avoid what we fear, but this avoidance can quickly become all-consuming in Relationships, goals, and quality of life.

If you find this blog connects with you in, know that you are not alone, help and support is available to guide you on your journey towards change, with a professional providing you a safe space where you can expose your fears and overcome them. Contact Aazade today.