Grief & Loss

‘Grief is an important, normal response to the loss of any significant object or sentimental value or person’

We have all experienced grief and loss at one point or another in life. Whether it was expected or not, the tragedy, the shock, the pain, the hurt, the emotion is never an easy experience, but absolutely normal to feel.

Grief was a topic I facilitated this week, and it was such a hard & sensitive module to cover with 15 other individuals in the group! It was raw and difficult where most were still dealing with their own past – present personal trauma, hurt, and pain from their loss. Outside of work this week alone there have been 4 deaths in family & the families of friends & colleagues I know, and from that, there are so many more connected family members who are currently grieving a loss of a loved one.

This is one of the reasons I feel led in my heart to encourage people more around this topic, by firstly pointing out to Remember, that the journey of grief is a personal process that has no time limit, nor one right way to do it.

Definition of Grief: Grief is the thoughts and feelings that are experienced within you upon the death of someone loved. (Grief is not only experienced during death but also during significant changes). In other words, Grief is the internal meaning given to the experience of bereavement.

Definition of Mourning: Mourning is the internal experience of grief and expressing it outside of yourself. The ways in which people express mourning is to state that it is “Grief gone public” or “Sharing your Grief outside yourself”.

Recognizing the Stages of Grief & Loss

this can be in any particular order…

  1. Denial & Isolation
  2. Anger
  3. Bargaining… ‘the if only’….
  4. Depression
  5. Acceptance

Some tips to consider

If you have lost someone make sure you allow yourself to feel the emotions that arise. Seek out support from people you trust.

Talk about it.

Know your limits when you are feeling overwhelmed.

Treat yourself with love and kindness during this time.