Fees Agreement Policy

We are pleased that you have chosen Aazade Counselling and Coaching for your services. Please join us in taking your support process seriously by arriving on time for your scheduled appointments, and we will do our part to use our time together well. Session times can vary depending on the type of service you are receiving. When you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment, please give a minimum notice of 48 hours (this does not include weekends only Monday-Friday). Because your practitioner has committed that specific block to your session, our policy is to charge the full fee for late cancellations or missed appointments.


The primary method of Payment is via Stripe’s Secure online platform either online or via a link on your Invoice. Other payment options are available upon request for existing clients.

Costs for Aazade Counselling & Coaching have been made competitive. Please note there are additional fees of 2.2% charged by Stripe which is included in your total. It is important to acknowledge this fee is specific to Stripe and is not associated with ACC. If your account becomes past due, (past due is considered after COB of the day of your appointment (7 PM)) our policy is to directly debit the credit card on file to bring any outstanding fees back to balance before your next scheduled appointment. Alternatively, your sessions will be on hold until all fees are current on account.

If your sessions require additional service support such as; an extension in time from existing booked time, travelling, additional telephone conversations that last longer than 15 minutes, requests for letters, or at times requiring other additional services from your practitioner, additional fees on a prorated basis for these services will apply and will be invoiced accordingly.

Missed / Late Cancelled appointments
– There are times when a cancellation is, necessary; but please give notice where possible. Providing advance notice of 48 hours for Cancellations which does not include weekends assists your practitioner, where valuable time has been set aside for you, to keep your session costs down by not incurring outstanding fees, maximizes our availability to other waitlisted clients, and minimizes lost time. It further supports the consistency of your required sessions and assists in your growth journey.

Missed appointments or requesting to reschedule past your 48-hour notice period (Monday-Friday) will incur the full outstanding fee of your scheduled appointment. It is important to note that Third Party funders do not pay late cancellations or missed appointment fees.  This is the client’s responsibility even if your treatment is normally funded by a Third Party unless agreed otherwise.

If you are late for an appointment your session may be less in duration. Please note that you will still be charged the full amount of your session in these circumstances.  

In providing Aazade Counselling and Coaching with your contact information such as your mobile and email you consent and agree that courtesy reminders will be communicated in the form of email and SMS before your appointment including any appropriate links.

There may be instances where there may be service disruptions, Aazade Counselling and Coaching will make every attempt to communicate if there has been advance notice issued. Issues outside the control of the business or your practitioner are not reasonable grounds to not take responsibility for your commitment to a mutually agreed appointment.

It is the client’s responsibility to ensure their appointments are adhered to, by either being saved in your calendar or checked through other means.

Any additional questions please contact Aazade Counselling and Coaching via email at aazadecounselling@gmail.com