Challenge yourself toward positive Change

What does it mean to be challenged in order to make the necessary change/s in your present life?

In this blog, I’d like to share my experience in working with individuals who have faced challenges in life that have led to a journey of change.

As a counsellor and coach at a residential rehab facility, I work daily with clients who come into the program in hope of recovering from various kinds of addiction.

These individuals come from all walks of life, some by choice, others because they have no other choice. Some stay the 12 months, whilst others leave halfway or early through their transformation journey.

What makes my job so rewarding is being part of my clients’ transformation journey of change. Walking alongside them, watching them grow every day in;

  • Setting healthy boundaries,
  • Finding healing,
  • Gaining emotional awareness, and
  • Learning to set and achieve SMART goals.

Witnessing clients constantly striving to challenge their old patterns and behaviours with newfound skills and qualities. Transitioning from once lost, confused, and hurt, to resilient, driven, and empowered individuals.

If it doesnt challenge you, it won’t change you!


I feel fortunate to have had the privilege to witness clients reach milestones, and experience major breakthroughs, and spiritual awakenings. Watching clients come to a realization that change is possible for anyone, we don’t have to live with the labels of our past, and there is hope for newfound beginnings.

I truly believe that with the right level of support and guidance individuals will become motivated enough to challenge themselves in rewriting their stories, to one that is filled with hope, courage, love, acceptance of self, resilience & purpose.

What strategies do you have in place towards Change?

  1. Where do you personally sit with your challenges in life?
  2. How do you deal with change?
  3. Are your existing strategies effective?

If you are looking for support in this area of your life, whether it be from addiction, behavioural challenges, or changes of any kind, click and send your request to Aazade Counselling and coaching to book your initial free phone consult today.